Make Insurance Easy

Dr. Woody Mo, Founder, President and
Chief Executive Officer of eBaoTech

eBaoTech was founded in year 2000 with a mission to “make insurance easy”. Today, with business in more than 30 countries globally, serving over a hundred carriers and numerous agents, brokers, and other ecosystem players, eBaoTech has become a global leader in insurance technology.

Digital Insurance is Connected Insurance. How to enable insurance to be connected and embedded into numerous other business and daily life scenarios? eBaoTech aims to be global leader in enabling connected insurance.

Facts at a Glance

Our Mission: make insurance easy

Our Key Differentiations: innovation, quality, people, or (I • Q)P

Two Models of eBao Businesses: eBao Cloud and eBao Software

eBao Businesses

eBaoTech is the only company with 4G tech for all APIs needed for insurance sales and services, based on cloud native and micro services.  Software and Cloud are two business models of delivering the same unique technology. 

  • eBao Cloud

    Open API Platform for Connected Insurance

    Native cloud architecture

    Micro services around insurance products and policies

    Product mixing and bundling across lines of businesses

    Connectivity and enablement platform for insurers, traditional channels, affinity partners, and FinTech startups

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  • eBao Software

    Core Suite as Foundation for Digital Insurance

    End to end core insurance suites for general, life, and health insurance businesses

    Modern architecture based

    Supporting both traditional business model as well as digital approach

    Mature and proven, with rich functionalities and flexibility

    Easy for analytics and integration to other systems

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