eBaoTech® LifeSystem Suite

eBaoTech’s software products enable insurance carriers to quickly respond to market changes and expend new business, while offering a high degree of flexibility and customization thanks to eBaoTech’s innovative technology and product architecture. 

  • Rule Engine – Offering Flexibility, Personalization and Customization

    Insurance companies require a flexible and fast engine to handle claims and calculation processes. eBaoTech’s rule engine can both provide pre-set designated rules and flexibly customize rules for channels, parties and products configuration. Rules can be plugged in the run and users can set the calculating mechanism that work out personalized policy fees, sum insured and claim amount. End users can also edit and maintain rates and rules.

  • Service Orchestration – Combine Processes as Business Needs

    Service Orchestration is one of the major features of eBaoTech’s software systems. Insurance companies can quickly and easily combine new business processes, product lines and issuance/claim processes using the service Orchestration function.

  • Open Integration Framework and Platform

    eBaoTech fully supports diversification, heterogeneous system integration and dynamic expansion modules based on Mule Integration Structures and ACORD models.

    Based on the Mule Structure, eBaoTech’s integration platform is easy to manage and is pluggable in the run. System integration sends and receives messages to complete and support all communication protocols and data transfers, and is subject to different authority and security controls. 

  • Cloud Deployment

    eBaoTech LifeSystem Suite can be deployed on public, private and hybrid Cloud models.

    LifeSystem Suite is available as SaaS on the public eBaoCloud, allowing insurance carriers to subscribe to services, technical modules and a management platform to expand their business. It also can be offered on a private Cloud model, providing maintenance services to insurers. Traditional On-Premise installation is still an option. Furthermore, LifeSystem Suite can be offered on Hybrid Cloud – for example, where sales and channel services are on the Cloud and internal management modules like policy administration are running On-Premise.