Big Data Foundation

eBaoTech® Big Data Foundation is a comprehensive data analysis ecosystem with strong capabilities and a future-proof vision. It is a solid data environment integrating enterprise data from internal systems and absorbing massive data from external resources to help insurance companies make the right decisions quickly. The ecosystem provides unified data services for various analytical applications such as MI reports, CRM and enterprise risk management to business users, with a unified view of the business to ensure core systems, ECIF, call centers and other peripheral systems use the same detailed information to serve customers.

Challenges for Insurance Companies in the 24-7-365 Big Data Era

  • More and more data sources from internal and external systems, leading to bigger problems in data processing, data integrity and data quality.
  • The inability to observe business situations intuitively from different angles and make quick decisions.
  • The increasing need for a way to leverage other ecosystems’ valuable data for business innovation and enhancement.
  • The difficulty of maintaining a powerful data analysis ecosystem at lower cost by leveraging open technology.

eBaoTech Big Data Foundation Benefits at a Glance

  • An advanced ecosystem and platform architecture design with scalable capability.
  • Contains a powerful industrial enterprise data model for quick data integration, high data quality and unanticipated future expansion.
  • Provides easy-to-use tools covering data processing for traditional/semi-structured/ unstructured data formats and big data visualization like MI reports, customer profiles and industrial information intelligence.
  • Backed up by a professional team for business consulting, project implementation and knowledge training services.

eBaoTech Big Data Foundation


eBaoTech Big Data Foundation has many new features and enhancements based on eBao DWH V2. Three of the most important features are 1) a more powerful industrial enterprise logical data model, 2) a more open environment for diverse data, and 3) more flexible solution options.

  • A Powerful Logical Data Model for Industrial Enterprises

    With massive data coming in from so many different sources, having a comprehensive and stable data model is critically important to the enterprise data foundation. The data model should also be flexible enough to expand in support of new business requirements generated from rapid business development and regulatory changes. The eBaoTech Logical Data Model can fully satisfy these stringent requirements and has the ability to integrate both internal and external data in various formats for big data analysis.
  • Open Interface and Tool Compatibility

    The eBaoTech Big Data Foundation is designed to accommodate diversity, fully supporting any database platform insurance companies choose and the data formats, BI tools or other application engines they want. More importantly, the ecosystem supports seamless connectivity with 3rd party service providers for massive and complex data interaction.
  • Flexible Options of Components and Services

    eBaoTech Big Data Foundation has a clear roadmap and methodology to guide enterprise ecosystem build-up starting from scratch. The ecosystem has everything required for end-to-end data processing, integration and application. Each solution component and service option, such as data cleansing, ETL processing and BI reporting, can be chosen independently and tailored according to actual requirements.

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