WanaArtha Life launches eBaoTech LifeSystem to manage the investment-linked business

June 20, 2011

eBaoTech, a leading provider of software and services for the life and general insurance industry, and WanaArtha Life, a progressive Indonesia-based life insurance company, announced that WanaArtha Life has launched their WALlink investment-linked product on the eBaoTech LifeSystem software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform. This investment-linked insurance product was launched to the public on May 18, 2011.

In February 2011, WanaArtha Life began using its eBaoTech LifeSystem policy administration system, WALlink, for its employees to manage the investment-linked business in Jakarta. The out-of-the-box implementation approach enables WanaArtha to adopt best practices right from the start. The SaaS approach, because it does not require additional IT infrastructure, enables WanaArtha Life to quickly utilize the application software to support its investment-linked business.

Eddy Berutu, Chief Executive Officer of WanaArtha Life commented, “The eBaoTech SaaS model enables us to execute our vision and strategy in uncertain economic conditions and a highly competitive insurance market. eBaoTech’s SaaS solution will bring WanaArtha Life to a higher level of customer service where we can offer faster and more convenient service to our customers. During the installation period, the solid cooperation between the eBaoTech team from Shanghai, Singapore and Indonesia with our dedicated team was the key of success.”

“WanaArtha is using the internet to grow their business without additional onsite technical resources,” said Woody Mo, chief executive officer of eBaoTech. “The ability to deploy a business solution easily while ensuring data security is critical for an insurance company, and we are pleased to offer these capabilities to WanaArtha Life.”

About WanaArtha Life
WanaArtha Life is a national life insurance company that has served Indonesia for over 37 years. Since it was established in 1974, WanaArtha Life has undergone several name changes and has been officially known as Adisarana Life Insurance Company, more commonly recognized as WanaArtha Life since 1988.

WanaArtha Life’s insurance products range from group to individual products, and include both traditional and investment-linked products. WanaArtha’s products have been part of Indonesian society for years, serving customers’ needs in planning their family’s financial future. For more information, visit www.wanaarthalife.com.

About eBaoTech
eBaoTech delivers standards-based, highly configurable insurance software suites and best-of-breed modules to both general (property and casualty) and life insurers. Our product offerings enable insurers to realize cost-effective, scalable, flexible and highly automated insurance operations in an ever-changing environment. With offices in ten countries across Europe, Asia and the Americas, and installations in more than 20 countries, eBaoTech has extensive global presence to serve leading insurance companies. For more information, visit ebaotech.com.

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